PTZ game

The PTZ game allows you the opportunity to win a lot of PTZ instantly.  You can only play this game once, which happens immediately after you sign up.  From my experiences, my results have ranged from as low as 15 to as high as 50.  So read on to prepare and know what to expect.

Here's the gist of the game:
There will be PTZ falling from above.
You have a bar at the bottom (able to scroll left and right) to try and catch the money.
All the PTZ you collect will become yours.

There are 3 different PTZ sizes:
Smallest - 3 PTZ
Medium  2PTZ
Biggest - 1PTZ

Some Tips:
Don't try to move the mouse too much.
Go to the side with the most falling down and stay relatively close to that area.
Don't try to move from the far left to the far right.
Before the game starts you will have a few seconds to move the bar around.  Try it out and get used to the sensitivity.

When you click 'PLAY' the game begins. Read over the directions, noting the different PTZ sizes.
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