Welcome to Lockerz Tips!

Lockerz is an awesome new site debuting in the Fall of 2009.  This site allows users to earn "PTZ" and redeem an assortment of prizes including iPods, Xbox 360s, Nintendo Wiis, Burton snowboards, Sony PSPs, Ray Ban sunglasses, G-Shock watches, and much more!

Currently Lockerz is an invite-only site, meaning you will need to be invited by a current member.  However if you want to get started now, then request an invite here.

Earning PTZ is simple.  Your daily log-in will reward you 2 PTZ.  Answering the daily question will give you another 2 PTZ.  In addition, each friend you invite will give you 2 more PTZ.  When 20 of your friends join Lockerz you will become a Z-List member.  As a Z-List member you will be sent a free Lockerz t-shirt and from now on you will earn double the PTZ.  Now each daily log-in, question, and friend invite will give you 4 PTZ.  There is also a PTZ Game for you to rack up a lot of PTZ.  Click here for more info on the Game.

This may sound too good to be true, but Lockerz is legit.  Just search YouTube for prize unboxings that other users have received.  Lockerz is funded by Liberty Media, one of the largest media companies in the US. The CEO of Lockerz is Kathy Savitt, a former executive at Amazon.com and American Eagle Outfitters.

So what are you waiting for?  Get your invite now and get started on winning free prizes!  If you have any questions, feel free to drop them here.

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